Welcome to Sanctuary!

Our Signature Session includes a half hour consultation and a 2-hour integrated session. We’ll discuss your situation, lay out some options for treatment, and design a custom blend of services just for you.

Some days, you just need to relax and de-stress. We provide massage services to support that, but we can go a lot further. Our goal is to empower you, body and spirit, to become the person you were born to be.

Our Movement Fundamentals training lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy, pain-free movement. It’s derived from the practices martial artists have used for centuries to keep their bodies moving smoothly, but you can learn it without ever throwing a punch — think of it as finally getting a glimpse at the Owner’s Manual for your body. (And if you want to take it further, and train in a martial art, we can do that too. For some of us, that’s how we own our bodies again.)

Our soul care services help you to balance your goals, address internal and external blocks that hold you back, and connect to the resources you’ll need to resolve deeper issues. Most of these services are on an as-needed basis, but we accept a few mentoring clients who need long-term support and accountability to reach their goals. No one can do the work for you; we can’t either. But we can help you get clarity on what you need and how to get there. And when you have that, you’ll be amazed what you can do.