Mobility Resources

Beginning your own mobility practice is one of the most helpful things you can do for your body. If you’re thinking, “But I already stretch!” — it’s not the same thing. The goal here is not flexibility; it’s total freedom of movement. We’ll go into the physiology of it another time; today I just want to give you a few resources so you can get started freeing your body.

Here are a few starting points:

Beginning Intu-Flow  is a very comprehensive, full-body routine. I used Intu-Flow (and its predecessor, Warrior Wellness) daily for a solid year when I was getting started in mobility work. I still use it, although I have more tools in my mix now. The YouTube link above has the first 2 levels, and you can buy the full program on DVD from RMAX. (I should add that I heartily recommend pretty much everything RMAX has ever produced. Their hype-heavy marketing makes me absolutely crazy, because it makes them sound like an infomercial, and they’re so much better than that.)

Basic Systema Solo Work is one starting point of many, in Systema. The drills seem simple, but spend some time with them; you’ll be surprised how well they work at freeing up your body over time.

Systema Solo Work Under Pressure is another set of drills from Sharon Friedman that will reward all the time you put into them. Play with them; see what variations you can come up with on your own.

Another worthwhile, structured set of programs comes from Gold Medal Bodies. They use gymnastics as a delivery vehicle, which may not be your thing, but the initial programs, especially Elements and Vitamin, will be helpful no matter what goals you’re pursuing. For a little inspiration, check out GMB member Verity Bradford’s results.