About Sanctuary

When I began training in martial arts in 1993, I just wanted to learn to protect myself. I trained hard. Ten years later, I had a collection of knee, neck, and back injuries that were threatening to cripple me, and my soul wasn’t in great shape either. I launched into a journey to recover my body: yoga, breathwork, Feldenkrais, somatics, joint mobility, dietary and nutritional therapies, and every other approach to physical wellness I could find. Some of those approaches were not for me, and others helped me a great deal, but I learned from them all.

I didn’t know it then, but the time I spent in healing work would turn out to be far more important than anything I ever learned in the martial arts. As I healed, I became intrigued by the degree to which my spiritual training and development intertwined with my physical healing. Deeper study led me to pursue further training in counseling, mentoring, storytelling and myth, weight training, massage therapy and a number of other areas. I’m a teacher at heart, so I wasn’t just trying to deepen my own practice. I was also seeking ways to share what I’d learned with others.

It took me several years to integrate it all into a single coherent package, but the result was Sanctuary Soul Care: a multimodal approach to healing and generative change for the whole person. Today, I divide my time between soul care work in the community and serving as a pastor-at-large with Headwaters Christian Resources in Englewood, Colorado.

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